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JAXON RIDE introduces itself:

Cover Rockband Deutschland Süddeutschland Bayern Oberpfalz Amberg

Band JR mit flammenhintergrund_V5_915_515_m ab Juni 24 Kopie.jpg
Martin Hauer Lead-Vocal
Martin Hauer, Lead-Vocal

New to the microphone at JAXON RIDE is Martin Hauer.  He is a real rock soul who is second to none.

Since his early youth he has given his voice to various bands, including Lightning Blast, RockAlive and currently Anger is a Gift, a RATM cover band.


Martin describes attending his first AC/DC concert in 2001 as a pivotal moment in his life. In addition to Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, his absolute idols are Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

Jaxon on Drums
Jaxon (Phil), Drums

Jaxon Haßler is an Amberg veteran on the drums. He has been playing drums since he was 15 years old. He's tried everything in terms of music.


He was able to celebrate his greatest successes with the band "Rock'n Rolls Royce", with whom he produced 3 LPs. He also starred with Montana Falvini.


And last but not least, he played drums in a jazz trio and with the Vilswanderer.

During a Marshall tour, he also shared the stage with Dennis Hormes, guitarist for Mark Terency, and Martin Engelin, bassist for the Klaus Lage Band.


With JAXON RIDE, the AC/DC, hard rock is celebrated anew.

Marco, Lead-Guitar
Marco (Angus)

Marco is our new lead guitarist. Still young, but still an “old hand” in things like “AC/DC rock music”

Marko is completely AC/DC-affin and how should we be surprised? He is the admin of the AC/DC Forum Germany with over 50,000 followers and views in the millions !!!! ​



Joe / Malcolm, Rhythm Guitar
Joe (Malcolm)
Backing Vocals
Bandleader / Booking / Technic

Joe is responsible for the rhythm guitar. Very fitting as AC/DC is his all time favorite band and inspiration.


So what could be more obvious than complementing each other with Marcos lead guitar in order to get a decent sound out of the two Marshalls.


Now it's time to rock the stages of this world with JAXON RIDE.

Manni the rolling Thunder
Manni (Cliff)
Backing Vocals

We were able to win over Manni for the bass guitar.


Life acts are not new for Manni. Blues rock and AC/DC  are his thing. AC/DC is for Manni the perfect way to rock the blues".


With JAXON RIDE he really enjoys laying the rhythm foundation for the two guitars and the vocals together with Jaxon on the drums.


Bass:  Fender Vintera 60s Jazzbass
Amp / Box:
Ampeg PF Series

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