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JAXON RIDE introduces itself:

Cover Rockband Deutschland Süddeutschland Bayern Oberpfalz Amberg

Jaxon Ride Band
Ralf on the microphone
Ralf (Brian), Vocals, Booking

Rockin' Ralf has been making music for 30 years. Rock'n Roll, Country, Blues and Rockabilly are in his vita. Playing live in front of an audience is the greatest thing for him. Since AC/DC, along with Status Quo, are among his favorite bands, JAXON RIDE are, as he says himself, an absolute stroke of luck.


Mikro: Stagg, Shure

Jaxon on Drums
Jaxon (Phil), Drums

Jaxon Haßler is an Amberg veteran on the drums. He has been playing drums since he was 15 years old. He's tried everything in terms of music.


He was able to celebrate his greatest successes with the band "Rock'n Rolls Royce", with whom he produced 3 LPs. He also starred with Montana Falvini.


And last but not least, he played drums in a jazz trio and with the Vilswanderer.

During a Marshall tour, he also shared the stage with Dennis Hormes, guitarist for Mark Terency, and Martin Engelin, bassist for the Klaus Lage Band.


With JAXON RIDE, the AC/DC, hard rock is celebrated anew.


Very extensive drum set from Pdp.

12 Sabian and Stagg cymbals of the Crash, Ride and China varieties

Elias rocks the SG
Elias (Angus)

Despite his young age, our youngster Elias is a die-hard AC/DC fan and rocks his Gibson SG in the style of Angus like an old hand.

Just the right man on lead guitar for JAXON RIDE.​ Despite his young age, Elias can already show a few gigs, both with JAXON RIDE, as well as from a "rocker wedding" and other occasions.




Gibson SG

Amp / Box:

Marshall Studio Vintage SV20H und Marshall Studio Classic SV212" Cabinet

Joe Rhythm Machine
Joe (Malcolm), Bandleader & Technic
Backing Vocals

Joe is responsible for the rhythm guitar. Very fitting as AC/DC is his all time favorite band and inspiration.


So what could be more obvious than complementing each other with Elias' lead guitar in order to get a decent sound out of the two Marshalls.


Now it's time to rock the stages of this world with JAXON RIDE.



Gretsch "The Beast"         


Amp / Box:

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL- and JVM 205H Top with Marshall 1960 Lead 4x12" Box

Manni the rolling Thunder
Manni (Cliff)
Backing Vocals

We were able to win over Manni for the bass guitar.


Life acts are not new for Manni. Blues rock and AC/DC  are his thing. AC/DC is for Manni the perfect way to rock the blues".


With JAXON RIDE he really enjoys laying the rhythm foundation for the two guitars and the vocals together with Jaxon on the drums.


Bass:  Fender Vintera 60s Jazzbass
Amp / Box:
Ampeg PF Series

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