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Jaxon Ride Band

JAXON RIDE - AC/DC Hardrock for YOU   Cover Rockband Bayern Oberpfalz Amberg

JAXON RIDE is an AC/DC-Coverband. THE band for your location, pub, beer garden or your private party!  

JAXON RIDE stands for the well-known and powerful AC/DC sound. 

First and foremost through the lead guitar of our Angus, who rocks the Marshall sound full of energy and physical effort with his Gibson SG.

Jaxon's drums, Cliff's rolling bass and Joe's Malcolm rhythm guitar provide the foundation solid as a rock. ​


Our frontman Brian shout the vocals powerful into the microphone, which is well supported by Malcolm and Cliff with background vocals.

Energetic and with a great deal of enthusiasm, JAXON RIDE rocks the stage and cheers on the audience.

JAXON RIDE does not compare with the big AC/DC tribute bands.

JAXON RIDE take the public back to the early days of AC/DCHard rock like it was in the seventies. No bells, no guns, just pure powerful rock 'n roll.

We are the ideal cast for organizers, whether it is a small or large one location acts. We are also ready to rock the whole republic and neighboring countries.

If you interested, just ask.


Let's Rock and salute you

Latest News


The next gig will take place on Saturday, October 21st, 23 at the Butchers Burger-Bar in Indersdorf near Munich.

Announcement for the next 3 big gigs in autumn 2023

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Audio samples from

JAXON RIDE in our YouTube-Channel

Update 03.10.2023

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Jaxon Ride

Cover Rockband Deutschland Bayern Oberpfalz Amberg

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